#4 Relationship

Hey, I thought that was the first step of the process?

Yes. Our goal is to create a working relationship that is long term. This means that once your project is complete, we don't forget you.

We are there to support and refine when needed along with applying our personal experience with you to additional projects as you expand your brand and grow.

#3 Design for Outcomes

It's time to get to work!

From planning to design to revisions and the finished product, your goals and the desired response from your project guides the entire process.

With over 20 years of experience in graphic and website design, we know that the devil is in the details. Attention to detail reduces headaches, saves time and brings polish to the project to make it shine.

#2 Collaborate and Explore

Our primary job is to take YOUR dream from vision to reality! It's YOUR vision. We just package it for presentation.

The most effective design does not begin at the computer, it begins with listening.

You may know the outcomes you want to acheive but have no idea how to get there. We listen, ask questions and explore the possibilities together. This is time to think BIG and dream BIG! We can always dial it back.

#1 Relationship

The more opportunity we have to get to know you, the more we can see the finished product through your lens before the project even starts.

You are more than just a client with a project. You're an opportunity for collaboration, learning, mutual growth and long term partnership.

Our goal at His Image Design and Photography is to be more than a service vendor. We strive to earn the right to be considered your trusted advisor and designer for all forms of visual communication.

Senior Photography

One of my favorite photography subjects are high school seniors. It's a blast to hang out, have fun, and create a session that captures their own uniqueness.

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Photography Portfolio